Our Story

We are mental about coconuts! We absolutely love them!

We love eating them, we love holding them, we love throwing them, but mainly we love drinking them!
Tony designed the Coconator out of sheer frustration one night after trying to unlock the heavenly juice from a particularly tough coconut.

Everything about coconut water is totally awesome, but you don’t need tetra packs or canned varieties. For the best quality coconut water, you should just go straight to the source.

With the Coconator now available, the entire world can enjoy the amazing health benefits of coconut water quickly, safely and easily. We believe that the only real currencies in life are health, time and love – Coconut, Coconator and you.

Naturally Healthy

drinkcoconutsFor hundreds of years Thai cuisine has made great use of coconut oil and coconut water is even drunk straight from the husk. Its incredible health benefits are plain to see in the Thai community but it’s also backed up by volumes of medical research. Coconuts are high in potassium and magnesium, and its isotonic nature makes it fantastic for hydration – in fact, many athletes are beginning to prefer it to commercial sports drinks like Gatorade and Powerade. Coconut water is great for your skin, your energy levels and packs a serious health punch, so we knew we had to get our friends and family back home drinking it.

Back in the West we found that although most people had heard of or tried coconut water, they were deterred by the hard shell which made it difficult to get to. Bottled coconut water was no better, as it came at exorbitant prices and often contained preservatives and added sugar which counteracted its great benefits. It was clear we needed a solution that would allow our communities to benefit from affordable, natural coconut water, without all the fuss.

That’s why we have created the Coconator. This simple device penetrates the outer shell in one motion and makes drinking coconut water easy. Now we can enjoy the delicious flavor and all of the health benefits of this incredible fruit, quickly and safely.

Meet our Team


Anthony Clarke

Inventor / Coconut Addict


Tracey Clarke

CEO / All Things Serious


Zac Clarke

Marketing / Video Daredevil

Simple, Easy, Quick

Coconator bottom sticker-FLIP IT-01

1. Flip It

Turn your coconuts world upside down!

Coconator bottom sticker-FIND IT-03

2. Find It

Behind one of 3 secret holes is the treasure!

Coconator bottom sticker-FREE IT-02

3. Free It

Push Coconator in and remove pin.

Coconator bottom sticker-FEEL IT-04

4. Feel It

Straw it or tip it… just DRINK IT!

“The two basic items necessary to sustain life are sunshine and coconut milk.”
– Dustin Hoffman