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Engibear (Consulting Engineer)

Engibear runs an engineering consultancy called Bearly Engineering in the city of Munnagong. He, his colleagues and friends are often called upon to help with interesting engineering projects such as bridges, railways and energy supply systems.

Engilina (Munnagong’s Chief Engineer)

As Munnagong’s Chief Engineer, Engilina is responsible for the city’s community infrastructure and engineering programs. Munnagong is an exciting, growing city and there are always plenty of engineering projects for Engilina to manage.

Bearbot (Engibear’s Robotic Friend)

Engibear had so much work to do that he thought it would be sensible to create a robot to help him. After a lot of persistence he finally created the Bearbot and he is glad that he did – they are now great friends and enjoy working together.


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