Jamies Blog Update #4: DwyerOnline!!!

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The reason for my blog is to introduce my new website! It will be launching in just a few days and I have had an overwhelming amount of support and questions from people wanting to know more about it….

The most frequently asked question is what is DwyerOnline? DwyerOnline is an online coaching website with videos of mostly myself explaining and demonstrating a range of different skills. The website is set up in two different categories; Individual Packages and Coaching Packages. These two are totally different packages .  Individual Packages can be for everyone and anyone who wants to become a better hockey player, while the Coaching Packages are designed specifically for coaching teams. Each Individual Package, that is, goal shooting, defending/tackling, passing, dribbling/eliminating, receiving/stopping and drag flicking (featuring Luke Doerner) contains video demonstrations and key points explaining how to execute the skill to perfection. You can purchase each Individual Package separately or all six packages at a discounted rate. Once you purchase a package, you become a DwyerOnline member with 12 months access, after which additional skills and videos will be provided at members rates. The Individual Packages cost only $25.00, value for money I think.  There will be a start up special when we launch the website that will allow you to buy 1 and get 1 free!! This special will be available for a limited time only.

The Coaching Package comprises of 50 different training drills, from warm ups to small games, including video demonstrations, drill animations and key points explaining the crucial elements of each drill and its relevance to a real game. These drills have been collected from my experiences playing for Australia and overseas in Holland, Spain and India and can be used on a variety of skill levels, from junior club teams to more elite level teams. This package is great for new and fresh ideas which will keep your team having fun and learning at the same time. Unfortunately, due to the size of data incorporated into the Coaching Packages, they are taking a little longer to be finalised.  We are hoping to have them up and running before the Olympics start!

Another obvious question I’m being asked is why I started DwyerOnline? The answer is quite simple.  I feel that I can help other hockey players raise their game to the next level because that’s what I still try and do at every training session.  Even though I have been voted World’s best hockey player five times, that doesn’t mean I can just sit back and relax because that won’t make me a better player.  I love hockey and I know there is a lot of other people out there that love the sport as much as I do so why not give a bit of my knowledge back?  I get asked to coach players everywhere around the world but due to my busy schedule I don’t get too much time to do this, so what better way to coach people than via the internet?  Mark Knowles and I thought this was a great idea and it has taken a long time to actually realise our goal of making an online coaching website because it is not as easy as it sounds and we hope everyone will like it as much as we do.  Understandably, being hockey players, we don’t have an unlimited budget, so we hope what we have accomplished so far with the website is admired by all.

That brings me to the next question people ask, why should I buy DwyerOnline?If you love hockey like we do and want to improve your skills and learn from my past experiences, then DwyerOnline is perfect for you. As an individual player, DwyerOnline  ‘s Individual Packages offer you a variety of skills for every position on the field, whether your a  defender, midfielder or an attacker there will be a package available to suit your needs; and, if you’re a coach that is looking for inspiration or if you want to be a better coach and run drills like we do at training then the Coaching Package is the perfect tool for you.

When will DwyerOnline be available? We will launch the website on Friday the 13th of July. On this day we will also launch a  “2 for 1” start up deal on Individual Packages; that is, 2 Individual Packages for the price of 1! This is a great opportunity for everyone to get on board and see what DwyerOnline is all about for a really good price! This special deal will only be available for 10 days so be quick to grab your piece of world class coaching.

Last but not least, here is a taste of what’s in store! http://youtu.be/RGoI4GXHsZ8

Hope to see you all on my new website on the 13th of July! www.dwyeronline.com

Cheers Jamie

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