I am very excited that I have started my own hockey brand called JDH. I have always

wanted to be part of the actual design and custom layup of hockey sticks so I could put all

my experience and knowledge into it.

I have been playing hockey for almost 30 years and over time I have seen hockey sticks

change a great deal. JDH doesn’t want to be just another hockey brand, JDH wants to

take hockey products to a new and much improved level. The composition, bow and head

shape design, stiffness and balance point are crucial factors in making great hockey sticks.

A stick must have a good feel while dribbling and trapping the ball, also it must have good

and consistent hitting power.

As a player I’m always trying to find that extra 2-3% to be a better player. I take that same

attitude and approach into JDH. With my experience I want to make the best sticks in the

world. I hope everyone likes the website (www.jdhockey.co), the facebook page, the graphics

and most of all the JDH product range.

Take your game to next level, use JDH.

Jamie Dwyer

STI: Sports Technology International are known globally and stand out as world class manufacturers, designers and builders of elite sports surfaces. STI are also the manufacturers of the Olympic turf in London (the blue turf).

F-H-E: Jamie is pleased to have F-H-E Australia on board as our Field Hockey Equipment Retailer. For the latest products and best prices check our their international class leading online store.

Motive Travel: Motive Travel is one of the largest privately owned travel agencies in Perth. They are committed to providing all their customers with personalised, professional and experienced service.

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